Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NoPetsAllowed - REBEL (Official Music Video)

THEM BOYS ARE AT IT AGAIN! First leak from their upcoming 3rd Mixtape. Damn dudes criticize them for their lyrics.... But skills wise? FUCKIN' INSANE!
(not your typical radio ish)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

NoPetsAllowed - Mga Yawa Feat. Alson

"Ang kasagarang mureact mga tiguwang na!"

I think we recorded the track around early 2011 for NPA's Plants Vs. Addik project. I was in Hero's studio and they came up to me like Yo, we got something for you. They played me the song and told me I should jump in. I was having second thoughts at first because I know and they know that I suck at writing Bisaya lyrics and writing an English verse would just ruin the track. But after some small talks I decided to try to write something. TRUE STORY, never in my life that felt so inferior with my verse. I mean, their verse made mine sound like it was my first time to write a verse. So I edited some part of it. I thought the track we did will just be a filler in their mixtape but after a couple of days Hero told me his ideas for the music video of what we did and knowing how wack I was in that song I tried not to mind his plans for the video hoping he will not go with it hahaha... Then they've drop Plants Vs. Addik Mixtape. And ever since we never brought that topic up again until one of our friend, MACK MUSIC, decided that he want to do a music video. Obviously NPA agreed and me being just the "featuring" have no right to say no it's No Fuckin PetsAllowed. How can I say no! So Macky set the date for the shoot. I was trying to stall them but their very eager to do it. The day came but I was very busy so I wasn't able to come thats why if you notice all of my scene was in macky's studio. But now listening tp it... I think I did well lol...

The song was their way of expressing that whether you like them or not they'll still do THEM. NPA is not aiming for some airplay or something they make music that they think would make their people laugh and just having fun while bumpin their songs.